Church Sisterhood


Sisterhood of St. Nicholas parish September 18, 2013. 1st row: Valeria Vlasenko, Alevtina Subotic, Elizabeth, Maria Okulov, Ludmila Azamat, Maria Tukavkin. 2nd row: Natasha Makarov, Irine Chernih, Galina Drapkin, Catherine Chipizubov, Anna Makarov, Domnica, Sofia Onofrei, Tatiana Belik , Olga Bogomiagkov


The Sisterhood plays an important role in the life of the cathedral. In 1998, Maria Okulov was elected Head Sister of the St Nicholas Parish Sisterhood, carrying out these duties to date. The Sisterhood today consists of three main groups: sisters who work in the kitchen; sisters that bake communion bread and antidoron; sisters engaged in cleaning and beautifying the interior of the cathedral. In addition to these major groups, there are assistants sewing and maintaining church vestments. Quite often the Sisterhood prepares lunches and snacks to sell, contributing earned money to the Cathedral’s building and reconstruction projects.

The information is kindly provided by Lyudmila Larkina and taken from her book "The deed of the Russian spirit"