Beloved brothers and sisters!

I send you heartfelt greetings on the feast of Palm Sunday!

Let us recall that on Palm Sunday, in all churches of the Russian Church Abroad there is a prescribed plate collection for our monasteries in the Holy Land.

There, under the care of our Church’s Ecclesiastical Mission are found: Russian Gethsemane Convent with the Church of St Mary Magdalene, the Mount of Olives Convent, the Monastery of St Hariton, Bethany School and Convent, the Jericho Gardens and other holy places.

During these difficult times, inflicted upon us by the coronavirus pandemic, when we suffer hardship even at home, let us remember also our monastic fathers, brothers and sisters who have taken up their struggle in the holy monasteries and who pray for us every God-given day!

The Holy Land is currently “empty”, there are no pilgrims or worshippers, and in all of our monasteries services are conducted according to the Church’s rubrics, behind locked doors. But we know that the good estate and welfare of these holy places depend very significantly on the support given by pilgrims and benefactors!

For this reason, I entreat you, if you are in a position to do this at such a difficult time, to support our monasteries in the Holy Land through any amount of donation.

How can this be done? Very easily! A donation can be made through our Cathedral’s bank account (see below). Be sure to mark the donation as Jerusalem or Holy Land.

May God bless you!
Yours in Christ, Fr Gabriel Makarov

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